Quote I Love: Behind the Lines

Spent much of today revising two chapters for my current work-in-progress. I’m not quite as far as I’d hoped this week (not for lack of time spent on it), and it’s easy to get impatient with my progress. Then I realized how much I’m loving the dialogue and descriptions I’m adding, how much I’m loving these men and their story. It’s worth it. So today’s quote is for all the writers out there (or athletes or anyone who puts their time and heart into a passion where you must face the day-to-day challenges alone). No one sees all the work, the joys, the struggles. It’s just you, the empty page, and the words you find to tell your story.

Thanks to my pal Shay for sharing this quote with me.

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses-
Behind the lines,
In the gym and out there on the road
Long before I ever dance under those lights.”

– Muhammad Ali

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