Sending out best wishes to “my” ride-along SWAT team

A while back I posted about my research ride-along with a SWAT team. Well I just learned that one of the guys (the tall, quiet blond) was wounded in the leg during an exchange of gunfire with a suspect. Another had a bullet go through his clothing, wallet, and credit cards. Thankfully (and surprisingly) he was not injured.

I’m sure none of the SWAT guys are following my author blog, but I wanted to send my best wishes for a speedy recovery and again offer my thanks to all men and women in law enforcement for their continued service in the protection of the rest of us.

Now back to my fictional world where no one gets shot unless I say so.

All the best,

6 thoughts on “Sending out best wishes to “my” ride-along SWAT team

  1. I do remember your swat team adventure. I’m glad the Mr. tall, blond, quiet guy is ok. So much can go wrong… I’ll send him love and healing just to show my appreciation for his sacrifice.

    BTW, Loved your last line.Now back to my fictional world where no one gets shot unless I say so.

    • Thanks, Lena and Chris! I’m always amazed at the bravery it takes to commit to a job that is on the far end of the risk/danger scale like cops, soldiers, fire fighters, etc.

  2. Wow, I tend to forget that these guys really do put their life on the line. I never think there are real “shoot em ups” in my town, but obviously there are.

  3. I will be thinking about “your” team too! There are several Police Officers in my extended family, and unfortunately it is a daily reality for me to worry about them. They all do such an outstanding job everyday, and I hope “tall and quiet” recovers quickly!

  4. @Leigh: I know. It can really happen anywhere and that reminder puts it into perspective how risky some jobs are on a daily basis.

    @Elaine: Thanks for the well wishes! I imagine that worry is always there for you and others like you. Many thanks to your family members for their service.

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