Quote I Love: Now That’s Love…I think

“I want to live a long time with you. I want to be old with you. I want to sit on a porch and rock with you. … And when we die, I want us to die together. I want us to get real old and then say ‘one, two, three…die’.”

-Steven Keaton, Family Ties

2 thoughts on “Quote I Love: Now That’s Love…I think

  1. This was one of my favorite lines from the show! It’s an amazing experience, loving someone SO much you can’t think of living even a moment without them! *sigh* I wanted that when I heard this line, and I got it! I wish everyone could :)

    • Elaine: I’m so glad you found the person you want to die with. LOL. Seriously, there is nothing better than having that love, passion, friendship, and intimacy with someone that you can’t imagine living without. I wish everyone could find that too.

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