Uh-oh Dad’s Downloading More Books On His Kindle

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Non-techie Dad called again for help with his Kindle. If you recall, I’ve mentioned his issues before. This time he hadn’t even started downloading the book yet. Guess he wanted to be on the phone with me IN CASE he had issues. Which he did. Here’s how it went…

He says he’s all ready to download the book…

Me: “When the next box pops up, go ahead and click Save.”

Dad: “Okay, I clicked to download it. Do I click Save?”

Me: “Yes, click Save.”

Dad: “Okay. I think I’ve got it. Let me put it on my Kindle and I’ll call you back.”


Dad: “I can’t find the book on my computer.”

Me: “Where did you save it when you clicked Save?”

Dad: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Okay, let’s do a search.” I told him the steps to perform a search for all the kindle files on his laptop (he hasn’t read that many so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the new one). Once he had the search window up, I told him what to type. He had to key in 5 characters.

Dad: “Hold on, I have to use both hands.” I heard him set the phone down and press the five keys with a long pause between each one. He picked up the phone again. “It’s searching.”

Me: “What did it find?”

Dad: “Just the books I’ve already read.” He proceeded to read me everything he could see about the files. The names, the dates saved, even the file sizes. “172 KB, whatever that means.”

Me: “But not the book you want to read?”

Dad: “No.”

Turns out he had selected the Adobe file, not the Kindle option that takes you through Amazon to borrow a book. So he had to do it all over again.

When he was ready to download the correct file…

Me: “When the dialog box comes up, click Save.”

Dad: “Okay.” Long pause. “I clicked to download it. Okay, a box comes up, do I click Save or Find?”

In my head: Save, save, for the love of God, click SAVE.

He cracks me up!!


8 thoughts on “Uh-oh Dad’s Downloading More Books On His Kindle

  1. Oh lord. I can remember probably 15 years ago when my mom got her first computer and she called me at 7 pm and I was still at the office (obviously not having fun at that job) and asked me if she should put in “the red one or the blue one” meaning apparently come CDs with software on them. Uh-huh – that clears it right up. She still can’t use an ATM, so I’m grateful that she does not want any more gadgets. I’ve spent untold hours working on her computers over the years – which she used primarily for email BTW!

    • Sadonna: “the red one or the blue one” LOL That’s priceless! Could you imagine if she had several devices like a Kindle, an iPad and a smart phone? You’d be BUSY. That’s funny that you mentioned the ATM. My parents had never used one before last year. They were about to take their first long vacation for their retirement and decided to get an ATM card. Before they left, they went to do a “test” at an ATM to be sure they knew how to use it.

    • Leigh: LOL. Sounds like a good idea. My nieces and nephews sure know more than me, although I’d be sad if my dad didn’t call me anymore. Kinda like when he was sad when I bought the first car I didn’t need him to co-sign. He congratulated me, then said, “guess you don’t need your dad anymore.” Talk about breaking my heart.

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