Preview the first 13 pages of Missed Connections: I Swear to You

I Swear to You by Sloan Parker

He’s not going to run from his best friend this time. He swears. (Cover art by Syneca Featherstone.)

A preview of the first 13 “pages” of I SWEAR TO YOU is now available on my website. (That’s the page count from the final manuscript.)

Also, starting on Sunday, April 27th, I will be hosting a Release Party here on my blog with a week of giveaways, backlist sales, and special blog posts related to the book I SWEAR TO YOU. There will be loads of e-gift cards up for grabs, so I hope you can join in on the fun! You can sign up to receive the blog posts via email at

I Swear To You by Sloan Parker Giveaway

The release party starts April 27th. Sign up to receive the blog posts via email at


From the work-in-progress manuscript for MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK (serial novel) part six…

Balancing the tray in one hand, Mark entered the bedroom. He nearly lost the tray’s contents onto the floor at the sight before him.

Scott lay on the bed as instructed, his hands over his head gripping the headboard. He wore the five items from the box and nothing else.

“Did I do it right?”

Those whispered words from Scott had Mark’s arousal kicking into gear. Everything else faded away.

Well almost everything. He had to take care of one last thing. He set the towel-covered tray on the nightstand. Scott glanced at the tray but said nothing.


Please note: Work-in-progress excerpts may not end up in the final manuscript or may be revised to something different before publication.

Found another song for Take Me Home’s playlist

Yes, I know, I’m writing Walter and Kevin’s story now, but this one came up on the iPod and I just knew it was a song for Evan and Kyle.

Built to Last, Melee

It’s been added to my website’s Behind The Story page for Take Me Home.