Ask Sloan Day & An Interview With Richard from MORE

Today (September 1st) is another ASK SLOAN Day on my Yahoo group. Stop by to see what questions readers are asking or to post your own question. You can also send your questions anonymously via email, and I’ll post it along with my answer to the group.

I’ll also be featuring a short interview with Richard Marshall from MORE. I’m gearing up to start writing book 2, which will be in Richard’s point of view, and it was fun to sit down with him and ask a few questions. I hope you can stop by and check it out.

All posts are archived at the group so if you’re reading this after Saturday, you can still join to see what I’ve shared.

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FAQ: & Ebooks Labeled as Adult Content

Q: I don’t see your ebook when I search Is it available for the Kindle?

A: I’ve had this question come up a few times so I thought I’d explain.

If you’re searching for my ebooks on and key in “Sloan Parker” in the search bar on the homepage, you’ll get one of my novels but not the other. To find MORE you have to search within a department such as “Books” or “Kindle Books” or a category within those departments. However, BREATHE is available by searching anywhere.

Why is this? I contacted Amazon and learned it’s because MORE is labeled as “adult” content while BREATHE is not. Not sure how that happens, but the limitation in where you can search for it didn’t occur until several weeks after my publisher released the book at Amazon. My guess is the excerpt for MORE is highly explicit so either Amazon or reader comments/complaints bumped it to an “adult” rating. If anyone knows more specifics for how this label gets applied to a book, I’d be interested in learning more.

Now don’t get me wrong, MORE is adult content, so I have no issues with the labeling (although I wish the labeling was more consistent across all explicit content on and that all explicit materials were treated equally). I just wanted to explain how the search works for those who may have the same question as others have asked me.

So, if you’re looking for MORE for your Kindle on, it’s there. Just buried a bit. You can always go to my author page to view my books available on Or you can search for my name directly via your Kindle since that searches the Kindle story only.

I’m guessing this limitation in searching for adult-labeled books may be the same for other erotic romances so don’t give up after one search. If there’s a book you really want from, drill into the “Kindle” or “Books” category and try the search again. I’m not sure how that works for print books, but I’m guessing it’s the same and you’ll need to browse to the “Books” category before performing a search.

This FAQ has also been added to my website’s FAQ page.

When Will MORE Be Available in Print & Other FAQs

I finally got the FAQ page added to my website. It includes questions like When will More be available in print, When is your next book due out, and others.

I’ll keep adding the most common questions I get asked by readers as I have time.

Drop me a line if you have a question that isn’t answered on the FAQ page.

Questions, questions, questions

The lovely Winona Wilder interviewed me on her blog today. I shared my thoughts about the popularity and availability of m/m, those pesky pronouns in an all-male romance, and more.

Also, I’m updating my website with a FAQs section. Stuff like…when is the next book due out, what titles do you have out and where, when will your books be out in print, how did you get started writing, etc. I’d love to hear any suggestions for other questions to add. Anything you want to know about me? Anything you want to know from authors in general?

Feel free to comment here or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks. Hope you have a happy hump day!