Story Inspiration: His Heart

I see them as a long-time couple. The one on the left has just seen something that reminded him of his mother who they buried two months earlier. He’s still grieving, and when the emotions overwhelm him, he turns to the one man he loves more than anything, his rock, his salvation, his heart.


Video I Love: Christian & Olli in Love

An oldie that reminds me of Grady and Mateo from I SWEAR TO YOU.

When Christian admits what he feels for Olli:

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Video I Love: Mr. Duckett and Dr. Jones

I absolutely adore this…

You can watch the video on YouTube here.


Video I Love: More Than Ever

7 decades of love and friendship, commitment and devotion. Just beautiful.

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A short film created for THE DEVOTION PROJECT

Video I Love: Paul and Jeff

Thanks to the wonderful PG Forte for sharing this video on Facebook.

“Perry v. Schwarzenegger plaintiffs Paul and Jeff discuss how they met, how they fell in love and why marriage matters to them. This case is about constitutional principles, but it’s also about real people and real stories. This video, and their story, is why we’re in this fight.”  Source

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