News and Highlights from My Writing Week: A Title for More 2

The bulk of my writing time right now is spent on the sequel to MORE, but I’ve got a few other things going on. Here’s an update and some bits of news.

This week I…

  • Came to a decision on the title for the second More book. For now I’m going with MORE THAN MOST. This is very tentative at this time since my publisher will have to give their okay after the book is contracted. I also may need to select a new title if another book in the genre or from my publisher releases before mine. Or I may just decide another title works better once the book is finished. Although right now, I’m really digging MORE THAN MOST.
  • Took an hour off from my regular writing to type up my handwritten notes for Vargas’s story (The Haven 2), adding a few scene ideas that came to mind as I worked. All I can share at this time is: Good God, I cannot wait to write that book!
  • Did the final read-through after proofing of WHAT YOU DO TO ME: A BREATHE EPILOGUE and received official word that it will be released on April 23rd.
  • Finished reworking the plot elements that were giving me fits in MORE THAN MOST (More 2). Someone remind me never to plot out a book over two years before I write it. But all’s going well again. The boys are working through some issues, growing as individuals and a threesome. I have to say, I was worried I wouldn’t be all that into writing the sex in this book since it’s not a new relationship, but happily that’s not the case at all. The intimate moments I’ve worked on thus far are coming out very erotic and meaningful to the relationship and their story.
  • Revised the first scene in part seven of MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK.

That’s where I’m at for the most part. Hope you had a fabulous week.