Why M/M, WIPlash & Other Links

Sharing a collection of links today. Some interesting, some fun, and some more meaningful.

“Why” M/M? And Who Needs To Know?
An interesting post by Jordan Castillo Price.
I will admit, I do get asked the why question and find it so very difficult to put into a few words.

And another about woman writing m/m

The Power of Slash (includes a not-safe-for-work pic)
From Nigel Puerasch, a bi man writing m2m fiction

For the writers out there…

Kimberly Hunter talks about a common problem among writers:
WIPlash ~ Diagnosis & Treatment

And for fun, who would you believe…

A Great Lover
This picture illustrates the difference between marketing, public relations, advertising and branding. For books, a recommendation from a friend with similar tastes holds a lot of weight with me, but not sure if I want to hear from my friends about a potential lover.

Who can resist cute cats getting married…

Image Source

The Gay Cat Marriage in Manhattan and
A Special Bond Recognized

And on a serious note…

Read about the brave and courageous author Patric Michael and the anthology in his honor at For Patric…Wishing on a Blue Star

And this will bring a tear to your eye…

Image Source: The New York Times Company

Against All Odds, a Beautiful Life
“…a little boy dealt a seemingly impossible hand, the two gay men who decided to give him a home and a life, [and] the unlikely spell cast by the only horse in Montclair.”

Oh, and I’ve joined a group blog for my writer’s group. Today I’m blogging about my reading goals this year…


(c) istockphoto, klosfoto, 2010

Sloan’s 2011 Reading Challenge
Do you like to set reading goals? Do you have a goal for this year? Or do you find a goal takes the fun out of reading? I’d love to hear what you think.