Why M/M, WIPlash & Other Links

Sharing a collection of links today. Some interesting, some fun, and some more meaningful.

“Why” M/M? And Who Needs To Know?
An interesting post by Jordan Castillo Price.
I will admit, I do get asked the why question and find it so very difficult to put into a few words.

And another about woman writing m/m

The Power of Slash (includes a not-safe-for-work pic)
From Nigel Puerasch, a bi man writing m2m fiction

For the writers out there…

Kimberly Hunter talks about a common problem among writers:
WIPlash ~ Diagnosis & Treatment

And for fun, who would you believe…

A Great Lover
This picture illustrates the difference between marketing, public relations, advertising and branding. For books, a recommendation from a friend with similar tastes holds a lot of weight with me, but not sure if I want to hear from my friends about a potential lover.

Who can resist cute cats getting married…

Image Source

The Gay Cat Marriage in Manhattan and
A Special Bond Recognized

And on a serious note…

Read about the brave and courageous author Patric Michael and the anthology in his honor at For Patric…Wishing on a Blue Star

And this will bring a tear to your eye…

Image Source: The New York Times Company

Against All Odds, a Beautiful Life
“…a little boy dealt a seemingly impossible hand, the two gay men who decided to give him a home and a life, [and] the unlikely spell cast by the only horse in Montclair.”

Oh, and I’ve joined a group blog for my writer’s group. Today I’m blogging about my reading goals this year…


Sloan’s 2011 Reading Challenge
Do you like to set reading goals? Do you have a goal for this year? Or do you find a goal takes the fun out of reading? I’d love to hear what you think.

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