Quote From My Life: It’s parental help desk time again!

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Mom was having trouble signing into her computer. She called me for help and this was the explanation I received in her most serious tone.

“The password box is there and the little cursor is cursing, but I can’t type anything!”

Thank God a reboot fixed the issue. Because I couldn’t say anything for several minutes while I just laughed at her cursing cursor.

I do appreciate the little laugh-filled breaks my parents offer on the days when I’m locked in the writing cave.

(Blog note: Starting next week I’m going to be changing my blog schedule to Wednesdays and Fridays. Actually I shouldn’t call it a schedule. I don’t stress over making sure I post every so often since writing my fiction is my main priority every week, but I have fun with the blog so I like having specific days on my schedule as a reminder to post. Also, for those of you on email subscriptions, I switched to a new email RSS service called MailChimp. Anyone previously signed up to receive the blog posts via email through Google Feedburner or WordPress have been automatically transferred to the new service. Hopefully no one is getting duplicate posts in your email, but if you are, you can always unsubscribe from one of them using the link in the email. The MailChimp version is the new one you’d want to keep. If anyone else would like to sign up to receive these posts by email, you can use the form on the homepage of my website. There’s also one there for  my newsletter.)