Writing Update & FAQ: Are you still going to write more with Luke, Richard, and Matthew?

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted an update on my writing progress, so I thought I’d share where I’m at with my stories.

If I didn’t mention it before I’m back to revising Walter & Kevin’s book, an erotic romantic suspense set in the same world as More. My goal is to have this book finished and submitted before the end of 2011. That may be pushing it since I usually spend more time revising than I do writing the first draft (and I have some research left to do), but I think it’s good to have a goal that pushes you to work hard. That said, I won’t submit it until I can feel really good about the story. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

So far I’ve worked through some issues that were in the beginning of the first draft and came up with changes that I’m really happy with. I sliced and diced a few scenes, and it really made the story stronger so far. I also added one scene that knocked my socks off, even as I was writing it. I’m still amazed when that happens.

I’ve also drafted a new scene for my serial story More Than Just a Good Book. I’m hoping to add one or two more scenes and then publish part 3 in late October. I’ll share a link for part 3 when it’s available on my website or you can sign up for my newsletter to get the announcement.

Since my writing plans changed a bit during 2011, I thought I’d post the answer to a question I often get asked.

FAQ: Are you still going to write more with Luke, Richard, and Matthew?

Definitely. I still plan to complete 2 more books with Luke, Richard, and Matthew. I had originally planned to write one stand-alone release in between each MORE book. After Breathe, I took the time to outline all 3 of the remaining More books (which included Walter’s) and sent the story synopses to my publisher. They were interested in seeing Walter’s book next (at that time More was still a new release and we weren’t sure how well it would do with readers). Before I had a chance to finish Walter’s story, there was a submission call from my publisher for Christmas stories. I had already started notes for Take Me Home, so I worked up a proposal. That proposal was approved, and I took a break from Walter’s book to finish writing Take Me Home, which is now scheduled for a December 13, 2011 release. And I have to say, I’m so glad I did that because I love how Take Me Home turned out.

Now I’m back working on Walter & Kevin’s story, which has a working title but I’ll wait to share when I’m closer to finishing the book since it may change.

I’m not sure if I will be writing another stand-alone contemporary or Richard’s book next. I’m leaning toward Richard’s book, but in either case I will be finishing both Richard and Matthew’s stories. The boys have more to learn, about each other and themselves.

The above answer also explains the year gap between books. Since finishing Breathe, I have outlined 4 novels, written one manuscript, and completed a first draft for another, both novel-length. This means I should move more quickly through the next couple of projects in 2012.

More about Richard Marshall

Here are some more behind the story details about More, specifically some of my first notes for the character of Richard Marshall. These are directly from the original character sketch sheet, including the photo I used for inspiration. (Side note: The final result of what a character looks like may be nothing like the photo, but an image gives me something to visualize, making him/her a bit more real. Also, some of the character traits change as I write the story. Some become no longer relevant.)

Richard Marshall

Photo for Inspiration: This is not exactly what he ended up looking like in my mind (especially the hair), but here’s the first photo of Richard.

(c) istockphoto, jpmediainc, 2007

And here’s his bod.

(c) istockphoto, Storman, 2007

Sampling of Character Sketch & Personality Traits

  • Full name: Richard Marshall
  • Graduated from NYU with an MBA
  • Doesn’t hide who he is for any reason.
  • Sleeps naked.
  • Neat, orderly, tidy.
  • Clears his throat when he has something to say he doesn’t want to mention.
  • Does not apologize for who he is. Or what he does.
  • Strengths
    • Confident
    • Successful in business
    • Caring
    • Loyal
    • Conscientious
    • Smart
  • Wants to make the world better for those he cares about. Does it by changing their immediate world, affecting change in their daily lives.
  • Fears most: Losing people he loves. Not being what they need and watching them walk out. Not being successful, losing business.
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo (Source)
    • “Life Pursuit: To lead the way”
    • “Love triumphs over all for this sign, which is ruled by the heart and operates from this dimension too. Leo’s are born fortunate.”
    • “Charismatic and positive-thinking they attract…an abundance of friends and opportunities.”
    • “Once a Lion is committed to a relationship, they are totally devoted and faithful. Should their heart or trust be broken they never forgive or forget.”
    • “For a Leo, when a relationship is over, really over, it is over for good.”
    • “The second soul-evolution of the Leos is the Lion, King of the Jungle, ruled by ego but always protective and sustaining of those they love.”

All my blog posts with behind the story information are also archived on my website at www.sloanparker.com

Hope you enjoyed a look at my initial ideas for Richard.