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A huge thank-you to everyone who stopped by my post as well as all the others for the Blog Hop Against Homophobia. It means a lot that so many were willing to listen to our words, share them with others, and take the time to comment with your own thoughts and experiences. As Shane says in his video we need to keep on talking about this.

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The random winner of my giveaway is: Penumbra

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Thanks again, everyone. Your comments meant a great deal to me and Rosie.

Let’s keep on hoping and sharing and fighting for a better, hatred-free future.

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Blog Hop Against Homophobia: It Could Happen To You

International Day Against Homophobia is May 17th. To help spread the word and get people thinking about what homophobia is, what kinds of damage it can cause, and how we can all help to combat such discrimination and hatred, I’m participating in the Blog Hop Against Homophobia.

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There are many ways people discriminate. One I’d like to share about today is discrimination through the support of laws that continue to ban gay marriage, or more precisely the act of discriminating by not supporting marriage equality.

There are many people who do not consider themselves to be homophobic. They know (and often love) gay men and women. They’re family and friends and coworkers and neighbors of LGBT people. They say they have no issues with gay relationships. Yet, they do not believe we need a federal law for marriage equality. They do not understand or acknowledge that gay and lesbian couples need the same protections afforded heterosexual marriages. Perhaps they are in favor of civil unions or some other designation for gays and lesbians, but are opposed to calling it marriage.

The thing is…Separate is not equal. Unequal leaves a lot of room for discrimination to occur, leaves room for legal interpretations that are not the same as the rights automatically granted to married couples.

A scenario like the video I’ve included below, and even worse—not being allowed to say good-bye or to care for my partner in an emergency—is a fear I live with every day. Without going into a long history of our lives, I’ll just say situations similar to what you’ll hear about in this video are a very real possibility in my life.

And yeah, that scares the hell out of me. Even after 20+ years of living with my partner, and no matter how many legal documents we sign, we are not married.

I have a roommate.

If you’re unsure about the federal government stepping in to legalize gay marriage, to protect gay and lesbian couples under the same rights as heterosexual marriages, please watch this video to the very end, and give it some thought.

What if that was you? What if that was your child?

Direct link to the video

Here’s what Shane says on the video’s YouTube page:

“It has been said that sharing personal stories is one of the most effective ways to change people’s hearts and minds. This is my story and I hope you are inspired to share it with others.”

For more information on combating homophobia, to donate to a worthy cause, or learn about more ways you can help, check out these sites:



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Blog Hop Against Homophobia Coming in May

Registration is still going on for the Blog Hop Against Homophobia. This is an all m/m blog hop organized by authors Erica Pike, NJ Nielsen, and K-Lee Klein.

What is a blog hop?
The host of the hop puts together a list of all participating blogs. During the dates of the hop, each blog owner posts on his/her blog about what they are offering as a prize. Readers follow the links to the participating blogs (going from one blog to the next) and post comments or follow the blogger’s instructions at each in order to enter the individual giveaways.

Authors/Publishers/Sellers/Reviewers of M/M Romances: Go to the registration page to learn more about how you can participate.

Readers: There’s nothing for you to do yet. The International Day Against Homophobia, May 17th, is the hop’s official kickoff date. There are already over 135 authors, reviewers, and publishers signed up, so be sure to check out the hop page in May for your chance to win from what is sure to be a huge list of fantastic m/m prizes.