Video I Love: Symphony For A Gay Kiss

Watch the video on YouTube. (You can see the list of movies there too.)

A New Gay Drama in the Works

Looks like Russell T. Davies, the creator of Torchwood and the UK Queer as Folk, is working on a new project, Cucumber, which revolves around gay men.”

I hope this one takes off. We could use a new high-quality gay drama. And I hope Showtime picks it up! Although I was just about to get rid of that cable box. Damn!

Video I Love: Torchwood Jack & Jack

I have yet to watch more than a couple episodes of this show (it’s on my list of things to catch up on), but I just love this scene. It’s from the episode titled “Captain Jack Harkness.” Very powerful delivery.

“Stuck in 1941, where the dance hall is being used for service personnel. Jack meets the real Captain Jack Harkness, the man whose identity Jack took after his death, which Jack learns will be the following day at a training exercise.” (read more) Watch as Captain Jack comes out of the closet and shares a public kiss.