Quotes I Love: Yes. This. A thousand times this.


Today’s quotes came from this article: Positive LGBTQ representation in media really can change lives. This touching story proves it.

“…when a person has no one around her accepting who she is, it’s even more important that she can turn on the television and see that, at the very least, someone out there in the world will accept and love her no matter what.” -German Lopez

“I wouldn’t come out for a few years. But when I did, I can genuinely thank a show like Will and Grace for making it easier. It became less about waiting until my parents were ready and more about waiting until I was ready.” -German Lopez

Yes! This!

Books and TV have always been a big part of my life. I was a latchkey kid from the time I was pretty young. TV was my after-school and Friday night companion, and the shows that I chose to watch helped shape my values and worldview.

So it’s kind of neat to realize that, as I grew older, shows like Ellen, Will and Grace, Queer as Folk, and The L Word–as well as so many queer books that I couldn’t even begin to name them all–significantly changed my life. They allowed me to feel more comfortable with showing the people around me who I really was, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Video I Love: Goodbye my Lover

One of my favorite Queer As Folk fan videos and one of the more emotional ones. Such a great James Blunt song too.

Found at MySpace.

Video & Lyrics I Love: Say When (NSFW)

One of the best Justin/Brian (from Queer as Folk) videos I’ve seen. Not safe for work viewing but oh so inspiring to watch.

A New Gay Drama in the Works

Looks like Russell T. Davies, the creator of Torchwood and the UK Queer as Folk, is working on a new project, Cucumber, which revolves around gay men.”

I hope this one takes off. We could use a new high-quality gay drama. And I hope Showtime picks it up! Although I was just about to get rid of that cable box. Damn!

A new show for Gale Harold

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As I’ve posted before I’m a fan of the US version of Queer as Folk. Just read that Gale Harold (aka Brian Kinney) is set to be in a new show this fall. It’s called The Secret Circle, and in the US it will air on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on the CW network.

Here’s a preview (Harold is in the beginning and again near the end)

Here’s more about the show

Looks like he’s not a nice man. Should be an interesting role for him. I may check it out if I can find the time, but just seeing that promo had me wanting to start QAF all over again. Time to bust out the DVDs.