New Website is Now Live!

Sloan Parker Website

I’m thrilled to share that my new website is now up and running. It’s a mobile-friendly version that should be easier to read on smaller devices and tablets. We’re in the process of live beta testing the pages so there may still be a small glitch or two, but I couldn’t wait to share the new look.

There’s also a new newsletter sign-up form right on the homepage. We’re just about to send out my next newsletter, which always includes a reader giveaway, so now’s a great time to sign-up for that. (Plus I usually do a little something extra for my subscribers to celebrate the end-of-year holidays.)

Thanks for checking out the new site.

New Website is Live!

New Sloan Parker Site DesignMy new website went live this week. There are a few minor tweaks my web guru and I need to work on yet (including a mobile version), but all the content from the old site is there and the new design has been added to the blog as well. I’m very happy to have the website and blog more integrated. I hope it makes it easier for new visitors to browse around and find what they’re looking for.

If you’re trying to find something and can’t locate it, or if something doesn’t look or work right on your end, please drop me a line so we can get it corrected. Thanks!