Video & Lyrics I Love: Say When (NSFW)

One of the best Justin/Brian (from Queer as Folk) videos I’ve seen. Not safe for work viewing but oh so inspiring to watch.

3-Word Scenario: My Friend Harry

(c), Squaredpixels 2010

Back in December I did an interview at author Julie Hayes’s blog and one of the questions was: Take these three words and give me a 100 word or less scenario using them: concert, documented, broadcast

Below is what I came up with. Maybe the idea to a new story, I don’t know. I thought it might be fun to post these 3 word scenarios from time to time as a creative exercise. A way for me to play around with new ideas that don’t have to become anything more than an idea (or maybe they will).

My friend Harry used to work as a producer for broadcast TV. But he told me when he finally accepted he was in love with his best friend, he gave up the career he’d always hated, moved to New York, and started a band. See, I’m his best friend. A guitarist. I think Harry would do anything for me. He’s even landed us some sweet concert gigs, and he’s documented our journey as a rising band for our website. I watched the footage last night. There’s a lot of me in it. Maybe he really does love me this time around.

What do you think?

Winners of my Happy Holidays Giveaway

I’m thrilled to announce the winners of my 2nd Annual Happy Holidays Giveaway (original giveaway post is here).

There were over 100 entries which means there are 3 winners this year.

So here are the 3 random winners (selected using who will receive their choice of a $25 gift certificate from ARe, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

Congratulations to…


Tracey D

Rita S

I’ll be emailing the three of you shortly so you can verify which gift certificate you’d like to receive. If you don’t get the email within 24 hours, feel free to contact me.

Thank you all for stopping by the blog and entering the giveaway. I had such a great time reading your responses to what you love about romances. I loved hearing from people who are as into this genre as I am. You all rock!

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and romance-filled 2012!

All the very best,

Video I Love: From a glance to a kiss