Videos I Love: Celebrating Diversity and LOVE

I get excited whenever I see inclusive commercials, no matter what the product is that’s being featured. We just need more. More of this ad, the related documentaries released by Honey Maid, and their response to the negative feedback. Go Honey Maid!

The Commercial

Team of Two

Dad & Papa

Time Away

Then there’s the response to the negative feedback. Love, love, love this!
Honey Maid: Love

Video I Love: Christian & Olli in Love

An oldie that reminds me of Grady and Mateo from I SWEAR TO YOU.

When Christian admits what he feels for Olli:

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Video I Love: Don’t mess with Rose Nylund

Was browsing YouTube the other day and spotted this gem. One of my all-time favorite moments from The Golden Girls.

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Video I Love: Gay Love and Kisses

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Video I Love: Men on Couches

Thought it was time again for a little inspiration. This is also one of the songs from my playlist for Kevin and Walter.