4 of My Books Named in M/M Romance Group’s 2013 Member Choice Awards


I was thrilled and touched to see that four of my books have been nominated at Goodreads in the M/M Romance Group’s 2013 Member Choice Awards. I also received a nomination for Favorite All Time Author! THANK YOU to those who threw my name and books into the hat. And to the contest coordinators for putting everything together and offering to send badges to the nominees.

Here’s the full list of nominations for me and my books:

If you’re interested in selecting your own favorites from 2013, voting is going on via this poll. You can see a full list of categories and nominations at Goodreads if you’re a member of the M/M Romance group.

You might even find a few new books to try.







2011 Rainbow Awards Still Open for Entries

For all my author friends out there, this year’s Rainbow Awards are still accepting entries for LGBT fiction and non-fiction.

Awards Guidelines re-posted with permission:


  • Books submitted for consideration will be accepted between March 15 and September 15. Winners will be announced in December.
  • A book can be submitted only by its author or by its publisher. Submit a book in the category most appropriate: please indicate Gender (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual/Transgender) and Genre (Coming of Age / Young Adult, Contemporary General Fiction, Contemporary Erotica, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery / Thriller, Paranormal / Horror, Sci-Fic / Futuristic, Non Fiction).
  • The commision can include some books at their own expenses, if they are eligible, especially in those categories with not enough submissions.
  • Books are submitted in electronic version (PDFs); exceptions will be considered (please contact me). Submitting the ebook, authors/publishers agree for its distribution with the only purpose of being read by the commission (from 3 to 5 judges). It’s recommended but not mandatory, that the PDF file has some kind of protection, like a specific disclaimer or similar.
  • No submission fees required.
  • Books (PDF format) have to be sent to the following address: elisa(dot)rolle(at)libero(dot)it


  • A book can be submitted in only one category.
  • If a category receives fewer than five (5) submissions, the category will not be active in this awards cycle. The submitted books will be reassigned to another category if appropriate.
  • Gender Category: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual/Transgender
  • Genre Category: Coming of Age / Young Adult, Contemporary General Fiction, Contemporary Erotica, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery / Thriller, Paranormal / Horror, Sci-Fic / Futuristic, Non Fiction
  • Length Category: Novel of more than 41,000 Words. Novellas and Short Stories will be considered only on the following conditions: Novellas (between 18,000 and 41,000 Words) only in Collection of 2 or more collected together; Short Stories (<18,000 Words) only in Collection of 4 or more collected together. A single submission has to be of more than 41.000 Words. Exception will be considered if a single category will have not enough submissions.

Thank you to Elisa and all the volunteers for continuing this award to celebrate LGBT fiction and non-fiction. Good luck to all who enter!

MORE is a finalist in More Than Magic RWA contest

I’m thrilled to share that MORE was selected as a finalist in the First Book category of the More Than Magic RWA (Romance Writers of America) contest.

As I posted before, MORE and BREATHE were finalists in the Passionate Plume Contest and BREATHE won third place in the New England Reader’s Choice awards. (Final results for the More Than Magic and the Passionate Plume contests will be announced in July.)

I cannot tell you how blown away and thrilled I am with those results in this year’s RWA contests for my highly erotic m/m/m and angst-filled high-drama m/m love stories. Well done Luke, Richard, Matthew, Lincoln, and Jay!

A special thank-you to the New England, Passionate Ink, and Romance Writers Ink chapters, their contest coordinators for putting together the awards, and the judges. I was very impressed by the organization and professional communication from all. Also a huge kudos to these chapters for hosting contests that recognize digital-only books in electronic formats.

MORE is an EPIC finalist!

></p> <p>I'm pleased to announce that <a title=MORE is a 2011 EPIC finalist in the Mystery, Suspense, and/or Adventure Erotic Romance category. The EPICs are an annual award given by the Electronically Published Internet Connection. Winners will be announced at the annual EPICon Convention, March 10-13, 2011.

Congrats to all the finalists, including several fellow Loose Id authors! I’m honored to be included in the finals with such amazing writers.

Click here to read sample chapters from More (PDF)