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The Resources for Writers page of my website has been updated with several new books and links that I hope other writers find helpful. Many of these were a big help to me in my journey to publication and developing my own writing process (which continues to evolve over time). For the latest updates, check out the sections titled Books on Writing, Writing a Fast Draft, Selecting Character Names, Grammar Resources and Tips, General Outlining Articles, and Self-Publishing Info. 

Dreaming on the Page

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Checking in with the MORE boys: Writing MORE THAN MOST

SP_more_coverSmI’m working on the first draft of MORE THAN MOST (More #2) and thought I’d share some tidbits. Please note: some of this may get deleted in later revisions of the manuscript.

  • Richard was just surprised to find out someone he thought couldn’t stand him actually respected and admired him.
  • Several unexpected visitors have Richard waiting for Matthew to tell him the truth about what he wants.
  • I didn’t realize how much Luke would still count on non-verbal communication until I started writing this book. It’s a struggle for him to put things into words, but when he does, man he says a lot.
  • Matthew just brought up a topic neither Luke nor Richard were expecting. The poor boys are speechless.